Forming of Aura Of Lovers Book Club,


A book club that authors itself, for instance:  These adult lovers e-manuals / books are written for our Aura Of Lovers!

Philosophically speaking; people read and do not get some of the embedded thoughts they project subliminally and unknowingly!

As LAME1 takes great pride in writing styles for Aura Of Lovers, watch the way the wording is displayed.  For instance: a compound word like hither, example “come hither”.  The obvious is spoken, that someone would like another to come closer.  A compound word split reveals: hit - her.


As always since the beginning, LAME1 chooses not to write with such penmanship!  LAME1 says the same things, however with a different vernacular swag: “Come Hear to ME”.  Same speech with a primitive objective objectified by keeping away from any written overtones that hint at any type of violence with our Aura Of Lovers.


Easily as said as done with this social book club that permeates our Aura Of Lovers.  18 years of age and older, ONLY!  This is not like a dating site or app, let a lone a social media craze.  Put simple a book club of members that find comfort in adding variety to their every day norm. 


From viewing sports on television to playing for fun as we always do: “Aura of Lovers”, Amorous Amour Games.  Amorous: Expressing or Showing Energized Libido; Amour: Sexual Amorous Libido Energized or Sexual Love Affair; Games: Something Played for Fun!  Our Amorous Amour Games, written for our


Aura Of Lovers.

The site: AuraOfLovers.Com is yet in its infancy, for now everyone has access by way of barnes and noble with this link:

Our book club is for our enjoyment of each other.  Nothing more, nothing less!  The e-books available today at barnes and noble is nowhere near the many games that will be available in the coming days!  AuraOfLovers.Com is metamorphizing all relevant material to a newer format. 

What people see of AuraOfLovers.Com is years of planning and outsmarting competitors.  As the e-books available through this link: are purchased, the more others can be updated to this new format.

LAME1 represents, LOVE AND MAKING EXPERT.  First copyright was filed with the United States Copyright Office during the year date of 1997.  The first copyright included only generic games and two other things for lovers to do.


The legitimacy of the generic games is only to prolong the usefulness of the amorous amour innuendos written.  Because timeless games are more of a bedrock thought.  The games of Backgammon, Checkers, Chess & Dominoes where utilized in the first copyright and edible poetry as well as a nifty way to enjoy a magic carpet ride.


Stay tuned for Aura Of Lovers Mini Movie series, Aura Of Lovers Magic Carpet Ride pitch.




Aura Of Lovers Community



More about our book club:  People meet at clubs to dance and if the mood is right, amorous or amour encounters sometimes follow. 


These amorous or amour encounters sometimes lead us to extra-curricular activities.  This is where our Aura Of Lovers Amorous Amour Book Club Games come into play.  Where do people meet, other than clubs?  The question is as vast as the options!  How about a bookstore for instance or a museum? 

Just because everyone is sort of woozy about the right way to go about looking for our Aura Of Lovers Book Club, does not mean everyone is justified in predicating a date, because an e-book or book is purchased!

As the moderator of said adult game book club.  These rules have been proof read by a group of young lady’s, LAME1 use to refer to as LAME1 advocates.  Now, after resubmitting the copywritten material again on the last Saturday of 2017!  LAME1 advocates are now Aura Of Lovers Advocates.

Our goal is to embellish the amorous amour innuendos, for our Aura Of Lovers Book Club scrutiny and pleasure!  As a book club, the ambiance of our Aura Of Lovers is to be top notch, as the various forums provided by the book titles: "SOVEREIGN LOVERS" /Playing Board Games; Playing Card Games; Playing Dice Games; Watching Television Sports and the two things two do for two this time are Amorous Amour Basic Journal & Amorous Amour Libido Zone.


Aura Of Lovers is the title of all the Games within each SOVEREIGN LOVERS book, this will provide Amorous Education with Family Friendly Entertainment & Promotions for our Aura of Lovers!

In these chat sessions, if any Aura Of Lovers Game Innuendos are out dated or not with todays’ climate.  This forum will make easier the thought of acclimation to a better written word, for our Aura Of Lovers thought.


Again, this is not a dating app or site or anything close to the traditional on goings of the hour.  Meaning, our Aura Of Lovers is not a cause driven after thought. 


There are seasonal lovers, February fourteenth.  This day amongst others solidifies newly formed lovers, as well as the longer lasting lovers.  Our Aura Of Lovers Book Club is indifferent.  Whether the lovers are seasonal or a couple looking for something new to add to their relationship!  Our Aura Of Lovers Book Club should keep away scandalous and perverted thoughts at bay, anyway all that kind of stuff is readily available through other sources.  Now our Aura Of Lovers, has a venue for our type of clean, none perverted entertainment,


ta daaaaah!


Sometimes I refer to twitter AuraOfLovers @SovereignLovers, where I display cooking tips and other thoughts like: Pamela Anderson spoke these words of Hugh Hefner on #TMZ , that he was never @ the #Playboy photo shoots!

I LAME1 has never played any #dating #game rules I created, I will learn to enjoy more of the fruit of my labor – like Mr. Hefner!  Enjoy all @

That was 25 Jan 18


On the 27th
Latest & greatest #love #story as I think of it – I’m #LAME1 (shorthand for, #LOVE AND #MAKING #EXPERT).  So was #Hugh #Hefner saying something by laying to rest by #Marilyn #Monroe ? & lover’s #ValentinesDay2018 is almost apon us




Accolades of L.A.M.E. 1

The Art of Tantric Sex
Erotic Massage (The Touch of Love)
Feng Shui

  1. Astrology
  2. The Personal Feng Shui Manual
  3. Feng Shui Handbook

Illustrated Hard Book of Chinese Sex History

Joy of Sex, (The New)

Kama Sutra, (The Complete)

  1. The Love Teachings of Kama Sutra

More Joy of Sex

Secret Sexual Positions

Sex in History

Sexual Energy Ecstasy

Sexual Reflexology

Tantric Sex Positions (The Pictorial Guided to)

And Many Other Texts Lost Over Time plus a Telescope (Ref. Feng Shui (A))

HOYLE’S RULES OF Games (Dice, Board and Other Games)
& Various International Interracial Adult Films





Appendix Acknowledgements
Though 93 to 95 percent of Amorous Amour Games are of my own design – Some definitions or ideas are derived from: “The Science of Star Wars”
Microsoft® Encarta® Reference Library 2005.                                                        © 1993-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. OR World Wide Web
John Renner, founder of the Consumer Health Information Research Institute (CHIRI)
“The Pictorial Guide to Tantric Sex Positions”, Written by: Kay Parker
"Sexual Reflexology" Activating the Taoist Points of Love - by: Mantak Chia, coauthor of The Multi-Orgasmic Man and William U. Wei
Accolades of L.A.M.E. 1
They are there to better accent the subject matter!
To all mentioned and not, thank you for the research help and Special Thanks to Toys R Us (Where I Get All My Games)  



L.A.M.E. 1




This Aura Of Lovers book club member thinks, this fundamental of our game book club is the essence of what amorous amour games are and why our book club is what it is:


Tuesday, January 30, 2018
4:34 AM


The game board is a circle.


The circumference of the game board circle houses 101 miniature circles, that are exactly proportional in size: to fit inside of the larger game board circle.


The very center of the larger (game board) circle is where the first of the 101 miniature circles is.


From the center of the game board circle, the other 100 miniature circles are evenly and proportionately spread and balanced around the center miniature circle.


Now the complete summation of this circular game board is to be as small or as large as the manufacturing process will allow, with respect to the guidelines of how to design and make – not replicate a circular game board, with 101 miniature circles within.


Thus, this is the final design of


© 2018 LIONELL



Developing the different styles of game play and the amorous amour innuendos to play with & only one thing to remember people 18 years of age & older only! 


Games are something played for fun!





Amorous Education with Family Friendly Entertainment & Promotions!