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Ballad Standards of an

Amorous Amour Daylight Savings Calendar



Amorous Amour Calendar

for Lovers Calendars usually start with January, ending with December.


I the Aura of Lovers figure lovers should have a different calendar

that is special and has significance as well


– About the Two (2) Daylight Savings Times!

Daylight Savings Standard Time Starts:


1st Sunday of every November & Daylight Savings Time Starts:

2nd Sunday of every March





Amorous: Expressing or Showing Energized Libido

Amour: Sexual Amorous Libido Energized or Sexual Love Affair

Education: An instructive or enlightening experience




Ballad Standard for Amorous Amour Calendar:


- We are Aura of Lovers’s, They know this to be true, This Ice Breaker Lollipop is for us -


L&ME1 is shorthand for: LOVE AND MAKING EXPERT....









L&me1s is shorthand for


Love & making expertise



L&ME1 tutors L&me1s






Notice 1’s and 1



– 1’s equates to expertise,


1 equates to EXPERT



THE (H) could mean H.I.M.!

Her (Imperial / Empirical) Majesty


His (Imperial / Empirical) Majesty, 





ireport: AG&BZ and AB&GZ


ireport: Aura of Lovers says a lot and has no time to differentiate

when ireport and who Aura of Lovers may be speaking with at the time.

So L&ME1 does not lose our flow (train of thought) “L&me1’s”,

here are sum phonetics;



About AG&BZ and AB&GZ


- These are gender specific phonetics,

meaning; when L&ME1 is voicing more so to girls than boys.



L&ME1 will vocalize AG&BZ,

boys can pick up on this knowledge if not already known as well,

however the talk is more focused with lamettes.

& vice versa AB&GZ!




Legend in Alphabetical Order


A = ADULTS who I’m speaking with: 18 years of age and more

& = AND






First things first;



? Who is Aura of Lovers SPEAKING TO?

Lamette's = GIRLS exclusively

Lame-us = BOYS exclusively

L&me1's = GIRLS & BOYS


KEEPING L&me1's ABREAST of Aura of Loverss'

abbreviatory dialect is not only key,

to hearing what Aura of Lovers is saying,

it is also a fundamental

to flowing with the kaleidoscope of written words:





L&me1s' Study & Dictionary







Derek Jeter last game could have been a Date Night Romance to remember.


Didn’t get a chance to see Jeter’s last game in YANKEE Stadium live, like the rest of the world? 

No worries, there is always a television at the house!


Well, the television or sports bar is always there.  Which would be more fun? knows: That last bat by Jeter equals?  That score wasn’t a homerun,

but just the same for our staff as we played at home.


So, what’s better, we ask again – Watching at home or a sports bar?  Well some people have shall we say

have an Aura of Lovers, no matter what they do or when they do it!


Let us get back to that score of Jesters his last game and how the team celebrated at home plate. 

Well so did some Aura of Lovers that picked the YANKEES!


- Score (No Home Run): Erogenous Massage till next Batter -


Where did that come from – A manual for lovers: “Aura of Lovers” - Amorous Amour Games. The Subtitle says it all: 

Amorous: Expressing or Showing Sexual Love or Sexual Attraction: Amour: Amorous Sex or Love Affair;

Games: Something Played for Fun.


- Score (No Home Run): Erogenous Massage till next Batter -


Is an excerpt from: Ambassador of Love Television Sports Voyeur Game Rules.


If television sports fan or not: Basketball - Hockey – Pool (Billiards) - Golf – Soccer – Tennis

– Baseball - Bowling – Football?  Date Night Romance is always a plus.


Each Lover chooses a team or player and play while watching television.  Quality Time 101 has just begun,

anytime there is a televised sporting event.  When the home team is away, a fun way to watch and play!


That’s how members watch televised sports – with a lover, way fun than a sports bar

and way fun than sitting there watching televised sports by a lover.