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1) Ambassador of Love Definition of Taboo: Taboo is anything your lover doesn’t agree with or uncomfortable doing or performing with you for whatever reason…


2) Ambassador of Love Rules are not set in stone: If you come to a sexual advance you do not agree with, change them! No reason to trash the experience because of a couple of words! Enjoy…


There are no returns!


LAME 1 Poetic License

When a condom tears or break,

does 1 return said sexual paraphernalia

and ask for their currency back

or file a Lawsuit for the future amounts

of raising said unplanned pregnancy?


For the books and electronic downloads (No)

If there is damage during delivery of any Aura of Lovers Goods and Services

Return Policy is thus - Keep the packaging and return and upon receipt a new order will be sent...


Higher Education

L.A.M.E. ONE 101;



L&ME 1 Definition of 'Escargot Mail':


Escargot Mail (Electronic Snail Mail);

ESCARGOT + MAIL = Electronic Snail Mail;


Snail Mail = Mail Delivered by Hand / example:

United States Postal Service


Aura of Lovers ESCARGOT MAIL



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