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Aura of Lovers – Amorous Amour Game series is a 2014 erotic romance self-help lover’s manual of love rules

to promote sexual quality time by American author and love expert LIONELL aka Ambassador of Love. 

Aura of Lovers – Amorous Amour Game series that utilize normal everyday events as a way for couple’s to add variety

to any sexual relationship. The Subtitle says it all:  Amorous: Expressing or Showing Energized Libido:

Amour: Sexual Amorous Libido Energized or Sexual Love Affair; Games: Something Played for Fun.


Originally self-published as a print-on-demand through the site www.AuraOfLovers.com (2014),

maintaining publishing rights (© 1997 & © 2005) for all facets of consumer media including

Aura of Lovers first movie Ambassador of Love Magic Carpet Ride in the works for 2015.







Accolades of Aura of Lovers



(Books I Have Read & Helped Develop My Writing Style)


The Art of Tantric Sex


Erotic Massage (The Touch of Love)


Feng Shui

A) Astrology
B) The Personal Feng Shui Manual
C) Feng Shui Handbook


Illustrated Hard Book of Chinese Sex History


Joy of Sex, (The New)


Kama Sutra, (The Complete)

A) The Love Teachings of Kama Sutra


More Joy of Sex


Secret Sexual Positions


Sex in History


Sexual Energy Ecstasy


Sexual Reflexology


Tantric Sex Positions (The Pictorial Guided to)


And Many Other Texts and a Telescope (Ref. Feng Shui (A))Lost Over Time


HOYLE’S RULES OF GAMES (Dice, Board and Other Games)

& Various International Interracial Adult Films